Tamarack Aerospace Sets Records with Smartwing Technology

Tamarack Aerospace Sets Records with Smartwing Technology

Tamarack Aerospace’s Smartwing technology receives recognition for record-setting flights in a modified Beechcraft King Air 350.

Tamarack Aerospace, a leading aerospace company, has recently been honored by the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) and the European Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) for its groundbreaking Smartwing technology. This innovative upgrade, which includes extending the wingspan, adding winglets, and incorporating autonomous control surfaces, has demonstrated remarkable results in terms of increased range and improved flight smoothness. Tamarack’s record-setting flights in a modified Beechcraft King Air 350 have garnered significant attention from both the military and civilian sectors, sparking interest and potential partnerships.

Enhancing Performance and Efficiency

Tamarack’s Smartwing technology has revolutionized the aviation industry by significantly improving the performance and efficiency of business jets. The extended wingspan, winglets, and autonomous control surfaces work in harmony to reduce the impact of turbulence, resulting in smoother flights. Additionally, this upgrade has been proven to increase the range of certain aircraft by up to 33 percent, offering enhanced capabilities for long-distance travel. The Smartwing technology has garnered attention from both the military and civilian sectors due to its potential to enhance mission capabilities and improve overall flight experiences.

Record-Setting Flights

Tamarack’s achievement in record-setting flights has further solidified the capabilities of its Smartwing technology. The first flight, covering a distance of 2,032.8 nm from Spokane International Airport to Orlando Executive Airport, showcased the endurance and efficiency of the modified Beechcraft King Air 350. The flight, which lasted 7 hours and 46 minutes, demonstrated the significant range increase made possible by the Smartwing upgrade. The second record-setting flight, spanning 1,770.7 nm from Orlando Executive Airport to Henderson Executive Airport with a stop in Albuquerque, showcased the technology’s reliability and performance over long distances. These flights have not only highlighted the capabilities of Tamarack’s Smartwing technology but have also attracted interest from potential military and civilian customers.

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Military Interest and Partnerships

Tamarack’s record-setting flights have generated significant interest from the military community. The increased range and loiter time offered by the Smartwing technology have caught the attention of defense organizations, as it presents valuable opportunities for important missions. While specific details regarding military partnerships remain undisclosed, Tamarack’s founder and CEO, Nick Guida, expressed enthusiasm about the outcome of the flights, stating that they have successfully showcased the value that Smartwing can bring to various platforms. The interest from the military sector has opened doors for potential collaborations and further development of Tamarack’s technology.

Commercial and Business Aviation Potential

In addition to the military sector, Tamarack’s Smartwing technology has also attracted interest from commercial and business aviation customers. The increased range and improved flight smoothness have the potential to revolutionize long-distance travel for these sectors. Tamarack’s founder and CEO, Nick Guida, noted that the positive response to the record-setting flights is likely to result in more certification testing for additional airframes and installations. This suggests that Tamarack’s Smartwing technology may soon be available for a wider range of aircraft, further expanding its potential market.


Tamarack Aerospace’s Smartwing technology has captured the attention of the aviation industry with its record-setting flights and impressive performance. The recognition from the NAA and FAI further validates the capabilities of this innovative upgrade. With interest from both the military and civilian sectors, Tamarack is poised for potential partnerships and collaborations. The success of the record flights has paved the way for further certification testing and the expansion of Smartwing technology to additional airframes. As Tamarack continues to push the boundaries of aviation innovation, the future looks promising for enhanced range, improved flight smoothness, and increased efficiency in the aerospace industry.

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