Collins Aerospace Introduces Arcus™: A Revolutionary Hybrid Image Generation System for Aircrew Training

Collins Aerospace Introduces Arcus™: A Revolutionary Hybrid Image Generation System for Aircrew Training

Collins Aerospace partners with Epic Games to launch Arcus™, a cutting-edge image generator that combines advanced rendering technology with gaming technology to revolutionize aircrew training.

Collins Aerospace, a leading provider of integrated solutions for the aerospace and defense industry, has unveiled Arcus™, a groundbreaking image generator that promises to transform aircrew training. By merging Collins’ advanced rendering and processing tools with the gaming engine technology of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, Arcus™ offers a highly immersive and versatile training experience for aircrew personnel across various platforms.

A Revolutionary Approach to Aircrew Training:

With its flexible and open systems architecture, Arcus™ sets a new standard for realistic and complex synthetic training environments. Designed to cater to multiple platforms, including fast jets, air transport, missions, rotary wings, and commercial aircraft, this hybrid image generator brings a new level of realism and adaptability to flight simulation.

Sharon Tabori, Senior Director and General Manager of Simulation and Training Solutions for Collins Aerospace, emphasizes the importance of high-fidelity visual realism in effective simulation training. She notes that Arcus™ not only delivers on this front but also offers seamless adaptability to meet the diverse training needs and devices of customers.

Enhanced Graphics and Cost Efficiency:

Arcus™ leverages common PC hardware and software applications, enabling it to support a wide range of simulated flight devices. This includes full-flight simulators, flight training devices, and virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) systems. By utilizing the same technology across the simulation spectrum, Collins Aerospace aims to reduce costs and provide targeted training opportunities.

The combination of advanced visuals and Epic Games’ adaptable gaming technology empowers customers to easily customize their training environments and implement new features as their missions and simulation training requirements evolve. This flexibility ensures that aircrew personnel receive the most efficient and realistic training experiences possible.

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Collins Aerospace and RTX:

Collins Aerospace, an RTX business, is known for its commitment to delivering future-focused technologies that advance the aerospace and defense industry. With 80,000 dedicated employees, the company focuses on sustainable and connected aviation, passenger safety and comfort, mission success, and space exploration.

RTX, the world’s largest aerospace and defense company, boasts over 180,000 global employees who push the boundaries of technology and science. Through its industry-leading businesses, including Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, and Raytheon, RTX is at the forefront of aviation advancements, engineering integrated defense systems, and developing next-generation technology solutions.


Collins Aerospace’s of Arcus™ marks a significant milestone in aircrew training. By combining advanced rendering technology with gaming engine technology, this hybrid image generator offers unprecedented realism and adaptability. With its flexible architecture and compatibility with various training devices, Arcus™ ensures cost efficiency and targeted training experiences. As Collins Aerospace continues to innovate and collaborate with industry leaders like Epic Games, the future of aircrew training looks promising, paving the way for enhanced safety and performance in the aerospace industry.

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