NHL Goalies Embrace Virtual Reality Training to Enhance Performance

NHL Goalies Embrace Virtual Reality Training to Enhance Performance

NHL goalies are turning to virtual reality training programs like NHL Sense Arena to improve their skills and enhance their performance on the ice.

Virtual reality has made its way into the world of professional hockey, with NHL goalies using programs like NHL Sense Arena to enhance their skills and improve their performance. Joey Daccord of the Seattle Kraken and Buffalo Sabres’ Devon Levi are among the NHL goalies who have incorporated virtual reality training into their game-day routines. The program allows goalies to simulate game situations, practice specific save techniques, and even face shots from NHL shooters. This innovative training method is gaining popularity among goalies of all levels, providing a unique and effective way to prepare for the intensity of professional play.

Enhancing Glove Hand Performance

Daccord’s experience with NHL Sense Arena highlights the program’s ability to address specific areas of concern for goalies. During a game, Daccord felt that his glove hand was not as sharp as he wanted it to be. During the intermission, he used the virtual reality program to practice catching pucks with his glove, focusing on high, middle, and low glove saves. After the virtual training session, Daccord felt more confident in his glove hand performance when he returned to the ice. This example demonstrates how virtual reality training can help goalies fine-tune their skills in real-time, addressing weaknesses and improving overall performance.

Comprehensive Training Programs

NHL Sense Arena offers a range of training drills and exercises designed specifically for goalies. Daccord incorporates cognitive warm-up drills to prepare his mind for the game, followed by the Goalie Cannon drill, which allows him to control the direction and trajectory of virtual shots. The program provides instant feedback, allowing goalies to analyze their performance and make adjustments accordingly. Additionally, NHL Sense Arena features video drills with real NHL shooters, enabling goalies to practice reading shot releases and improving their reaction time. This comprehensive training program caters to the specific needs of goalies, helping them develop their skills and prepare for the challenges they face on the ice.

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Accessibility and Benefits for All Goalies

While NHL goalies like Daccord and Levi have been actively using NHL Sense Arena during the season, the program is also available to goalies at all levels. The recent partnership between NHL Sense Arena and the League allows users to experience NHL ice surfaces and interact with all 32 NHL teams virtually. This accessibility provides a unique opportunity for goalies, whether they are playing in youth leagues or beer leagues, to train like the pros. Additionally, the program can be used during the offseason or when goalies are unable to access ice time due to injury or other circumstances. NHL Sense Arena offers a flexible and convenient training solution for goalies of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Realistic Training with NHL Shooters

One of the standout features of NHL Sense Arena is the use of video drills featuring shots from NHL shooters. The program filmed undisclosed NHL players shooting pucks, which were then converted into virtual pucks for the VR experience. This allows goalies to practice against shots from professional players, enhancing their ability to read shot releases and react accordingly. The realism of these drills provides a valuable training experience, giving goalies the opportunity to hone their skills against the best in the game. The program also allows goalies to dictate where the virtual players shoot, providing a consistent and reliable training environment that is often difficult to replicate in practice.


Virtual reality training programs like NHL Sense Arena are revolutionizing the way NHL goalies prepare for games and improve their skills. The ability to simulate game situations, practice specific save techniques, and face shots from NHL shooters offers a level of realism and specificity that traditional training methods cannot match. As more goalies embrace virtual reality training, the benefits of this innovative approach are becoming increasingly evident. Whether it’s enhancing glove hand performance, fine-tuning save mechanics, or improving reaction time, virtual reality training is proving to be a valuable tool for goalies at all levels of the game.

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