AIM Releases Rankings of Top Data Science Programs in India for 2023

AIM Releases Rankings of Top Data Science Programs in India for 2023

The rankings provide valuable insights for students and institutions in the field of data science education.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, data science has emerged as a critical field, with professionals skilled in analyzing and interpreting data in high demand. To aid students in identifying the best programs in India, AIM (Academic Insights and Mentoring) has released its annual rankings of the top data science programs for 2023. These rankings offer a comprehensive evaluation of various parameters, including certification value, return on investment, program success, teaching and curriculum, and student engagement. The rankings not only assist students in making informed decisions but also provide valuable feedback to institutions to enhance their offerings.

Praxis Tech School’s Postgraduate Program in Data Science with Generative AI & ML

Praxis Tech School’s program stands out for its academic rigor and practical industry application. The curriculum combines theoretical and experiential learning, with a focus on real-world application through open-book exams and continuous evaluation. The program’s distinguished faculty, robust educational framework, and strong alumni network position Praxis as a leader in data science education.

Nilkamal School of Mathematics, Applied Statistics & Analytics’ M.Sc. in Applied Statistics & Analytics

Nilkamal School’s program is acclaimed for its comprehensive curriculum, integrating theory, application, and domain-specific knowledge. Collaborations with industry giants provide certifications and scholarships, enhancing the course’s value. The placement cell ensures students are well-equipped for analytics roles, while practical sessions and analytics-oriented projects foster practical skills.

Goa Institute of Management’s PGDM-Big Data Analytics

GIM’s program is built on a robust Assurance of Learning framework, ensuring students acquire skills directly applicable to real-life situations. Collaborations with industry leaders provide practical experiences, and the program’s NBA accreditation opens up global opportunities. The curriculum blends technical, managerial, and behavioral skills, with a significant internship component.

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SVKM’s NMIMS’ MBA in Business Analytics

NMIMS’ program distinguishes itself through a unique blend of rigorous academic instruction and real-world industry engagement. The curriculum covers both analytics and management, incorporating Harvard Business School case studies and tools pertinent to the industry. The program fosters practical skills through continuous assessment and hands-on project work, enhancing employment opportunities.

NMIMS University’s M.Tech Data Science (Business Analytics)

NMIMS’ M.Tech program stands out for its rigorous selection process, strong industry collaborations, and a curriculum that blends practical experience with theoretical depth. The program offers live, paid projects from international firms, providing students with hands-on application in real-world scenarios. Esteemed faculty members ensure a focused development of competencies, preparing students for the industry.

CHRIST University’s MBA in Business Analytics

CHRIST University’s program is acclaimed for its dynamic curriculum, regularly updated by industry experts and international academicians. It emphasizes contemporary analytics tools and certifications, ensuring students are proficient in industry-relevant skills. The program’s interdisciplinary approach and strong focus on experiential learning position graduates for success in the competitive field of business analytics.

NMIMS University’s M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence

NMIMS’ M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence stands out for its comprehensive selection process and strong industry collaborations. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning through case studies, live projects, and a mandatory six-month paid internship. The program offers substantial professional experience and ensures graduates are at the forefront of AI advancements.

Symbiosis Centre For Management and Human Resource Development’s MBA (Business Analytics)

SCMHRD’s program stands out for its industry-oriented curriculum, developed with input from industry professionals. It offers practical experience through live projects and a balanced blend of theoretical instruction and practical lab work. The program’s comprehensive evaluation system ensures a deep understanding of the subject matter, and internships further enhance practical skills.

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CHRIST University’s MSc Economics & Analytics

CHRIST University’s program integrates economic theory with proficiency in analytics tools, ensuring graduates are well-equipped for internships and careers in top firms. Collaborations with tech leaders offer hands-on experience and internship opportunities. The program’s dedicated faculty and immersive industry experience through internships position graduates for success in the field.

CHRIST University’s MSc Data Science

CHRIST University’s MSc Data Science program offers a comprehensive two-year journey through the heart of data science. The curriculum balances rigorous academic instruction with practical application, ensuring students gain proficiency in essential tools and industry practices. Partnerships with industry leaders, expert faculty, and active learning environments make students highly employable in the field.

Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology’s MBA in Data Science and Data Analytics

SCIT’s MBA program is designed to excel in the fast-evolving field of data sciences. It offers a blend of strategic insights and operational intelligence, equipping students with analytics competencies and practical experience. The curriculum covers advanced topics and ensures students are well-versed in current industry practices.

Chitkara Business School’s MBA in Business Analytics

Chitkara Business School’s program offers a comprehensive curriculum for students with a technical background. It focuses on data-driven insights for business decisions, includes workshops with industry leaders, and emphasizes grooming and community involvement. Strong partnerships with market leaders ensure relevant learning, and the program’s tailored approach prepares students for success in the field.

NSHM Knowledge Campus’ MSc Data Science & Analytics

NSHM Knowledge Campus’ program bridges academia and industry needs, integrating theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. The program offers partnerships, certifications, and internships critical for industry preparation. The Analytics Society of India Kolkata Chapter fosters learning beyond the classroom, and comprehensive data science projects provide immersive industry experience.

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School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence’s MBA (Business Analytics)

The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that integrates business intuition, technology, mathematics, and storytelling. Experiential learning enables students to apply their skills to solve real-world data-driven problems. The faculty comprises full-time members and industry mentors, ensuring high-quality education and effective learning outcomes.


AIM’s rankings of the top data science programs in India for 2023 provide valuable insights for students and institutions alike. These rankings help students make informed decisions about their education and assist institutions in identifying areas for improvement. By focusing on parameters such as certification value, return on investment, program success, teaching and curriculum, and student engagement, the rankings contribute to the growth and progress of the data science education industry in India.

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