Chemistry Student Accused of Injecting Chemicals into Neighbor’s Apartment Deported, Case on Pause

Chemistry Student Accused of Injecting Chemicals into Neighbor's Apartment Deported, Case on Pause

Xuming Li, a Florida chemistry doctorate student, has been deported after being charged with injecting chemicals into his upstairs neighbors’ apartment. The case is now on hold until his return.

The case against Xuming Li, a Florida chemistry doctorate student accused of injecting chemicals into his neighbors’ apartment, has taken an unexpected turn. Li, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, has been deported, according to his lawyer. The incident, captured on a hidden camera, has left the neighbors shocked and concerned for their safety. This article delves into the details of the case, exploring the events leading up to Li’s deportation and the impact it may have on the legal proceedings.

1. Complaints of Chemical Smell and Illness:

Umar Abdullah, the resident living in the apartment below Li, had been experiencing a strong chemical scent in his home for weeks. The smell not only caused discomfort but also made Abdullah’s infant daughter sick. Attempts to identify the source of the smell, including checking for chemical leaks and replacing the water heater, proved futile. Abdullah and his wife began suspecting foul play and decided to set up a hidden camera.

2. Evidence Captured on Hidden Camera:

In June, Abdullah’s camera captured footage of Li approaching their apartment door carrying what appeared to be a syringe. The video, provided to the police, seemed to confirm their suspicions that someone was tampering with their home. Li was subsequently arrested and charged with multiple counts of battery and possession of a controlled substance.

3. Li’s Deportation and the Case on Pause:

Li, who had been out on bail, was unexpectedly deported, leaving the case in limbo. His lawyer, Adam Bantner, confirmed that a warrant had been issued, effectively putting the proceedings on hold until Li’s return to the United States. The sudden deportation raises questions about the impact on the legal process and whether extradition will be pursued.

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4. Neighbor’s Response and Seeking Justice:

Umar Abdullah has yet to comment on Li’s deportation. However, his initial actions to protect his family and gather evidence demonstrate his determination to seek justice. Abdullah and his wife have been living in fear and distress, uncertain about the potential long-term effects of the chemicals injected into their home. The pause in the case adds to their anxiety, as they wait for further developments.

5. Community Concerns and Safety Measures:

The incident involving Li has raised concerns within the community. Residents are now more vigilant about their surroundings and the potential risks they may face. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a safe and secure living environment. It also highlights the need for increased security measures, such as surveillance cameras and awareness of suspicious activities.


The deportation of Xuming Li, the Florida chemistry doctorate student accused of injecting chemicals into his neighbors’ apartment, has brought an unexpected twist to the case. With the legal proceedings on pause until his return, the affected neighbors are left in a state of uncertainty. The incident has sparked community concerns about safety and the need for increased security measures. As the case unfolds, the search for justice and a resolution continues, while the impacted family strives to regain a sense of security in their own home.

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