Immanuel Quickley and Jalen Brunson: The Knicks’ Dynamic Duo

Immanuel Quickley and Jalen Brunson: The Knicks' Dynamic Duo

The chemistry between Immanuel Quickley and Jalen Brunson is growing, and it could shape Quickley’s future with the Knicks.

In a recent game against the Phoenix Suns, Immanuel Quickley showcased his basketball IQ and understanding of his opponent’s defensive tendencies. Quickley anticipated that his defender, Eric Gordon, would follow the ball handler in a pick-and-roll play. Instead of setting a traditional screen, Quickley slipped it, quickly relocating to the open wing and draining a three-pointer. This play exemplifies the developing chemistry between Quickley and his teammate Jalen Brunson. As the Knicks’ sixth man, Quickley’s role has been impacted by Brunson’s presence. However, their growing partnership could have significant implications for Quickley’s future and the team’s success.

The Brunson-Quickley Two-Man Game:

Throughout the game against the Suns, Quickley frequently screened for Brunson, creating confusion within the defense and opening up opportunities for both players. This two-man game was not a new concept for the Knicks, but they utilized it more extensively in this particular game. Quickley’s ability to read the defense and make quick decisions, combined with Brunson’s scoring prowess, proved to be effective. As Quickley explained, the defense is forced to make a decision: follow him or stay with Brunson. This dynamic has been a successful strategy for the Knicks and one they have been utilizing for some time.

Quickley’s Future and the Knicks’ Fate:

Quickley’s role on the team has become a topic of discussion, particularly in relation to his upcoming free agency. As a restricted free agent next summer, Quickley’s future with the Knicks is uncertain. The team recognizes Quickley’s talent but also acknowledges that his role as a sixth man is influenced by Brunson’s presence. The Knicks cannot afford to pay starter money to a player who is blocked from ever assuming that role. This situation raises questions about Quickley’s future, including the possibility of receiving a significant contract offer from another team or being traded before the deadline. However, if Quickley and Brunson continue to excel together, it could change the calculus and potentially secure Quickley’s spot in the starting lineup.

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The Defensive Challenge:

While Quickley and Brunson’s offensive partnership is flourishing, their defensive limitations pose a challenge. Both players are undersized guards, making it difficult for them to defend against larger backcourts. However, the benefits of their offensive synergy may outweigh these concerns. Head coach Tom Thibodeau has often closed games with Brunson and Quickley on the court, pairing them with defensive-minded players to mitigate their size disadvantage. The Knicks have seen positive results when the duo is on the court, outscoring opponents by 5.5 points per 100 possessions this season.

The Importance of Sacrifice:

The Knicks’ strict nine-man rotation requires players to make sacrifices for the team’s success. Quickley has embraced this mentality and has proven himself as a valuable asset off the bench. While he may not receive as many minutes as he desires, Quickley’s impact is evident in his ability to energize the team and contribute to come-from-behind victories. Coach Thibodeau has expressed his support for Quickley, and the guard’s importance to the team’s success is undeniable.


Immanuel Quickley and Jalen Brunson’s partnership on the court is evolving and becoming increasingly vital to the Knicks’ success. Quickley’s ability to complement Brunson’s scoring and create opportunities for himself and his teammate has caught the attention of both fans and coaches. As the Knicks navigate Quickley’s impending free agency, his performance alongside Brunson may determine his future with the team. If their chemistry continues to flourish, the Knicks may find it difficult to overlook Quickley’s contributions, potentially solidifying his place as a starter. The Brunson-Quickley dynamic is one to watch as the Knicks strive for success this season.

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