Sandbox VR Unleashes Virtual Reality Gaming Experience in Tysons for Christmas

Sandbox VR Unleashes Virtual Reality Gaming Experience in Tysons for Christmas

San Francisco-based startup Sandbox VR opens its first Virginia location at The Boro, offering immersive virtual reality gaming experiences to residents and visitors.

Tysons, Virginia is set to experience a new dimension of entertainment just in time for Christmas, as Sandbox VR launches its highly anticipated virtual reality gaming experience. The San Francisco-based startup is expanding its reach to Virginia, with its first location in the state at The Boro. Sandbox VR has gained popularity worldwide since its inception in 2019, with over 40 sites across North America, Asia, and Europe. The grand opening on December 22 will introduce the McLean community to the cutting-edge technology and immersive experiences of Sandbox VR.

A New Reality Awaits at Sandbox VR Tysons

Sandbox VR’s Tysons location, situated at 1656 Silver Hill Drive, will feature a 7,508-square-foot venue equipped with four private rooms known as “holodecks.” Each holodeck can accommodate up to six players at a time, providing an intimate and engaging experience. Upon entering the virtual world, players are equipped with a headset, haptic vest, backpack, and wrist and ankle sensors, enabling them to interact with each other and their surroundings. Sandbox VR’s commitment to creating a fully immersive experience sets it apart from traditional gaming.

The Games and Experiences

Sandbox VR offers a range of thrilling games and experiences at its Tysons location. Players can choose from titles such as “Deadwood Valley” (zombies), “Deadwood Mansion” (haunted house), “Curse of Davy Jones” (pirates), and “Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire” (fantasy world). Additionally, sci-fi enthusiasts can embark on the adventure of “Amber Sky 2088,” while fans of gladiator battles can participate in the “Unbound Fighting League.” Sandbox VR also offers games based on popular franchises like “Star Trek: Discovery” and the dystopian Korean show “Squid Game.” With such a diverse selection, there is a virtual experience for everyone.

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Pre-Opening Booking and Pricing

To celebrate the opening, Sandbox VR is offering pre-opening booking at a discounted rate of $39 per guest until December 21. After the grand opening, admission will typically range from $50 to $55 per player. The pricing structure reflects the high-quality and immersive nature of the virtual reality experiences Sandbox VR provides.

Tysons’ Growing Interactive Entertainment Scene

Sandbox VR’s arrival in Tysons aligns with the area’s growing emphasis on interactive entertainment. As Tysons seeks to diversify its retail offerings and attract visitors, interactive experiences have become a popular draw. The Boro, in particular, has become a hub for immersive entertainment, with attractions like the ShowPlace Icon movie theater and upcoming pop-up experiences like the “Encanto”-themed show and a Hot Wheels attraction. Sandbox VR’s adds another layer of excitement to Tysons’ entertainment landscape.

The Boro Welcomes Sandbox VR

The Meridian Group, the property owner and developer of The Boro, expressed excitement over Sandbox VR’s addition to the entertainment lineup. Charlie Schwieger, Vice President of Asset Management at TMG, stated that Sandbox VR’s tech-driven and immersive experience will be a destination for visitors of all ages. The Boro’s experiential retail options, restaurants, and family-friendly entertainment offerings make it the perfect home for Sandbox VR’s virtual reality gaming experience.


Sandbox VR’s debut in Tysons brings a new level of entertainment to the Virginia community. With its state-of-the-art technology and immersive experiences, Sandbox VR offers residents and visitors the opportunity to step into a whole new reality. As Tysons continues to embrace interactive entertainment, Sandbox VR’s arrival at The Boro contributes to the area’s vibrant and diverse entertainment scene. Whether battling zombies, exploring haunted mansions, or embarking on fantastical adventures, Sandbox VR promises an unforgettable experience for all.

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