Turmoil and Reorganization: The Disbanding of Lund University’s Astronomy Department

Turmoil and Reorganization: The Disbanding of Lund University's Astronomy Department

A bullying scandal leads to the dissolution of the astronomy department at Lund University, leaving astronomers and researchers in disarray.

Lund University in Sweden has been grappling with a bullying scandal that has resulted in the disbanding of its astronomy department. After years of complaints against two senior astronomy professors, the university made the decision to dissolve the department and merge it with the physics department. This move has caused upheaval and disruption among astronomers, leading to the departure of prominent scientists and a significant setback in research and academic careers.

Lingering Turmoil and Its Consequences

The long-drawn-out response by Lund University to the bullying complaints has had a detrimental impact on the scientific community. Astronomers have reported that the situation made it nearly impossible to conduct research, resulting in the departure of several leading scientists. The delayed resolution and forced reorganization have caused significant disruptions to careers and research endeavors, leaving astronomers frustrated and disillusioned.

The Decision to Dissolve the Department

Sven Lidin, the dean of science at Lund University, expressed that the decision to dissolve the astronomy department was a last resort after attempts to resolve the issues within the existing organization failed. The department was dissolved and subsumed as a division of the physics department, causing further upheaval within the theoretical physics group. The reorganization has not only affected astronomers but has also disrupted the entire field of theoretical physics at Lund University.

The Lingering Bullying Scandal

The bullying complaints against professors Sofia Feltzing and Melvyn Davies date back to at least 2008. A 2020 employee survey revealed that 70% of respondents at the observatory had witnessed harassment and bullying in the workplace. Two university-commissioned investigations confirmed that Feltzing and Davies had victimized, discriminated against, or bullied their colleagues. The university’s slow response to the situation has drawn criticism and highlighted the need for effective measures to address bullying in academia.

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The Toll on Careers and Research

The prolonged bullying situation has taken a toll on the careers and research of astronomers at Lund University. Senior astronomers were distracted by the workplace issues, leaving less time and attention for working with students. The university’s insufficient support for students navigating the situation has further exacerbated the challenges. Many astronomers have been forced to reconsider their academic paths, with some planning to leave academia altogether. The reorganization has damaged the reputation and culture of the astronomy department, and it will take time to rebuild.

The Historical Significance and Future of Lund Observatory

Lund Observatory has a rich history in astronomical research, dating back to 1672. The relocation of astronomers from the dedicated astronomy building to the physics department raises questions about the future of the observatory’s historical artifacts and space. The forced relocation represents the destruction of a culture that has been built over centuries. The university has yet to decide what will happen to the vacated space and the valuable historical artifacts.


The disbanding of Lund University’s astronomy department in the wake of a bullying scandal has left astronomers and researchers in disarray. The delayed response to the complaints and the subsequent reorganization have caused significant disruptions to careers, research, and the overall scientific community. The situation highlights the need for universities to develop effective responses to bullying and harassment, ensuring the protection and support of their staff and students. As astronomers at Lund University unpack their boxes in the physics building, they strive to move forward and rebuild their community, determined to prove the importance and relevance of astronomy in Lund.

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