Revamped High Country Motor Lodge Reflects Flagstaff’s Unique Charm

Revamped High Country Motor Lodge Reflects Flagstaff's Unique Charm

San Francisco-based Adean Studios collaborates with local architecture studio Synectic Design to transform a historic motel along Route 66 into a retro-inspired haven in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The High Country Motor Lodge, an iconic roadside motel situated along the legendary Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona, has undergone a stunning renovation by Adean Studios in collaboration with Synectic Design. The project aimed to capture the essence of Flagstaff’s culture and natural surroundings, resulting in a unique blend of a mountain lodge and a retro motel. With its rich astronomical history, proximity to the Grand Canyon, and picturesque wilderness, Flagstaff serves as the perfect backdrop for the revamped motel.

A Fusion of Retro and Mountain Design

The design of the High Country Motor Lodge draws inspiration from the city’s astronomical heritage, 1960s lounges, and modern mountain aesthetics. Alexa Nafisi-Movaghar, principal of Adean Studios, explains that the entire property showcases a darker color palette, complemented by rustic woods and fixtures reminiscent of the 1960s. The midnight blue exterior of the hotel buildings forms a U shape around a central lawn and a rejuvenated swimming pool, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

A Stylish and Cozy Interior

Inside the lodge, the lobby, lounge, and bar areas continue the dark color scheme, providing a cozy ambiance. Various seating configurations allow guests to dine or relax as they choose, while amber-hued glass light fixtures emit a warm glow. Velvet curtains and blankets add a touch of luxury to the space. The bar and lounge open onto an outdoor terrace with fire pits, providing a perfect setting for guests to unwind and enjoy their surroundings.

Retro-Inspired Guest Rooms

The guest rooms at the High Country Motor Lodge feature navy blue wainscoting, off-white walls, and dark wood floors, evoking a mid-century aesthetic. The rooms are thoughtfully equipped with cassette players and a set of three tapes, playing tracks that transport guests back to the era of classic road trips. The attention to detail in the design ensures a nostalgic and comfortable stay for visitors.

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Nordic Spa and Outdoor Experience

One of the highlights of the renovated property is the Nordic spa, which consists of two private wood-lined saunas that guests can reserve for one-hour sessions. These cabins are nestled in an enclosed courtyard with outdoor showers and fire pits. Guests can also enjoy direct access to the hot tub and swimming pool, allowing for a truly immersive outdoor experience. The design of the spa and outdoor areas aims to celebrate Flagstaff’s adventurous spirit and the stunning nature that surrounds it.

Branding and Public Programming

Charleston-based SDCO Partners crafted the branding for the High Country Motor Lodge, emphasizing the retro and astronomy themes. The eclectic family of hand-rendered typographic and illustrative graphic elements pays homage to the motel’s vintage style and contemporary design. The lodge also hosts a range of public programming throughout the year, including theatrical performances and a folk music festival in the fall, further enriching the guest experience.

Conclusion: The revitalization of the High Country Motor Lodge in Flagstaff, Arizona, showcases the successful fusion of retro aesthetics and modern mountain design. Adean Studios and Synectic Design have seamlessly blended the city’s astronomical heritage, natural beauty, and 1960s charm to create a unique and inviting space for travelers. With its renovated rooms, Nordic spa, and outdoor areas, the lodge offers a truly immersive experience that celebrates Flagstaff’s rich culture and captivating surroundings.

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