Emma Stone Makes Fifth Appearance on “SNL” with Hilarious AI Sketch

Emma Stone Makes Fifth Appearance on "SNL" with Hilarious AI Sketch

Stone’s comedic genius shines in a pre-recorded sketch that satirizes the use of artificial intelligence technology in entertainment.

Emma Stone, the talented and Oscar-winning actress, graced the stage of Saturday Night Live for the fifth time this weekend. One of the standout moments of the episode was a pre-recorded sketch that tackled the controversial issue of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry. The sketch hilariously depicted what happens when Stone’s footage gets corrupted, leading to the use of AI technology to seamlessly replace her. The result is a side-splitting comedy segment that showcases Stone’s wit and comedic timing.

A Satirical Take on AI in Entertainment

The sketch, which lasted for three minutes, cleverly parodied the growing use of artificial intelligence technology in the entertainment industry. It humorously addressed the concerns raised during the recent four-month-long Screen Actors Guild strike, where the use of AI technology to replace actors became a major point of contention. By presenting a fictional scenario where Stone’s footage is corrupted, the sketch highlights the potential absurdity of relying too heavily on AI in filmmaking.

Punkie Johnson as Stone’s Body Double

In the sketch, Stone’s body double is portrayed by cast member Punkie Johnson, who bears no resemblance to Stone in terms of appearance or voice. The juxtaposition of Johnson’s physicality with Stone’s digitally superimposed face creates a visually striking and comical effect. Johnson’s lack of familiarity with Stone and her work adds an additional layer of humor to the sketch, as she hilariously struggles to embody the essence of the renowned actress.

The “Five-Timers Club” Jacket

During the episode, Stone was honored with a “Five-Timers Club” jacket, a tradition reserved for guest hosts who have hosted the show five times or more. Fellow frequent guest hosts Tina Fey and Candice Bergen presented Stone with the jacket, making her the youngest member of the exclusive club. Fey humorously remarked on the club’s evolution, mentioning the addition of a “women’s section” proposed by Bergen, which started as a quiet place to cry and grew into a luxurious space for emotional release.

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Reflecting on SNL Herstory

As Stone donned her coveted velvet club jacket, she expressed her gratitude for achieving this milestone, stating that it had been a lifelong dream of hers. The comedic actress acknowledged the significance of sharing this moment with her fellow SNL cast members and guest hosts. The exchange between Stone, Fey, and Bergen also highlighted the changing landscape of entertainment, with Fey humorously pointing out the rise of TikTok and the decline of network TV viewership.


Emma Stone’s appearance on Saturday Night Live for the fifth time was marked by a hilarious and thought-provoking sketch that satirized the use of artificial intelligence in entertainment. The sketch not only showcased Stone’s comedic talent but also shed light on the ongoing debates surrounding AI technology in the industry. As Stone joined the esteemed “Five-Timers Club” and reflected on her journey, the episode served as a reminder of the evolving landscape of entertainment and the enduring legacy of SNL.

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